Knowing the Effects of Different Weather Conditions on Contacts Lenses

Several people, who have vision related problems and wear glasses, are switching to the contact lenses. After all, there are various benefits associated with it.

Several people, who have vision related problems and wear glasses, are switching to the contact lenses. After all, there are various benefits associated with it. Even if you need corrective glasses and you considering going straight for the contacts, it is advisable that you do a bit of research to determine what type of lens would best suit your vision related disorder and what type of maintenance routine will be required to keep the lens in the best condition at all times.

In the current market for contact lenses, there are a number of brands available. When you are deciding on the best Bausch & Lomb lenses, you must consider many important factors like your daily wear schedule, budget, your lifestyle and the climate condition of the area. Even though the weather in the area that you live may not be a concern, you must still be concerned about the effect of the climate on your contact lens. If you are wondering why the weather condition is such an important factor to consider, let us take a look at the effect of the different climate condition on the lenses.

Windy and dusty conditions

People who wear contacts would agree that windy and dusty conditions are by far the most difficult and uncomfortable climate condition to deal with because of the dirt flying around everywhere. If you live in an area where gusty wind blows all day and if you are wearing hard contacts, you must be wary of the wind and keep your eyes protected from the dirt and the dust. Accumulation of dust particles over the lenses can sometimes lead to irritation of the eye, itchiness, redness and sometimes infection.

However, you can easily avoid these problems by simply cleaning the lenses regularly with a high-quality disinfectant. Make sure that you clean and rinse the lens before and after use. Another precautionary you must always follow is wear sunglasses to keep the dust coming in contact with lenses.

Extreme heat and dry condition

In India, summers can be very harsh in certain areas. If you live in a place where the climate is hot and arid, keeping your lenses moist can be a daunting task. When you wear any kind of lens, the natural moisture in the eyes provide a cooling effect to the contacts; however, when you are exposed to extreme heat condition, the dry air can suck out the moisture from around the lens, which in turn can sometimes cause discomfort while wearing the lens.

But, this is not a major problem to worry about; you can easily retain the moisture of the lens by soaking it in wetting drops before using the lens. Also, during the summers there is a high risk of being exposed to the harmful UV rays. To avoid exposing your eyes to the UV rays, make sure that you wear lenses that are UV rays safe.

Cold and rainy weather condition

Just like summers, winters too can be extreme in some parts of India, especially in the northern states. While you may love to wear the contacts, it is important that you give your eyes a break, especially during the winters, especially if the area around your home tends to become foggy. Being exposed to fog can lead to steaming up of the lens and sometimes the hard contacts can crack up.

Also, winter season is that time of the year when it is easy to catch flu. If you are suffering from cold you notice symptoms like watery eyes or puffiness, you must avoid wearing the lens. But, if you wear any Bausch & Lomb lenses there is no weather that is unsafe, provided you take care of the lenses properly.