Soft Prosthetic Lenses

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Prosthetic Lenses are used as a mask to improve the appearance of a disfigured eye. It has more aesthetic value than used to give vision to the eye. It is also in use to block excess light from reaching the retina. They are made of Gas Permeable or soft lens material.

Customised Prosthetic lenses are made for refractive errors like myopia, hypermetropia, Presbyopia and astigmatism. This lens is designed to match the appearance of the unaffected eye.

Prosthetic lens is also used for Albinism patients who have lack of pigment or colour in the eye.

Prosthetic lenses are used for Amblyopic patients for occlusion therapy. Occlusion therapy is more effective than patching.

Prosthetic lenses are of 4 different types:

Type A

This type of lens works as an occluder having an opaque centre in the pupillary area

Type B

This type of lens is used to reduce excess light to reach the retina and used for opaque eye or irregular eye.
Type C
Its used for Patching in the amblyopic patient
Type D
It is used for disfigured eye or injured eye or the visibly affected eye